Your Funniest Potty Training Stories

Potty Training Cheerleading

Once when my son was pretty much potty trained, I took him into the restroom with me at work. After we were both finished and had washed our hands, we walked out into the hallway and he loudly said, "Did you poop, Mom? Did you poop?" Pretty embarrassing, but it's what he was always asked! - Risa Phillips

My 4-year-old daughter says to her baby sister, "It's okay, kid, you can do it." Coaching potty side! - Karland Fisher Landa

My 2-year-old daughter will ask me if I have to go potty and will tell me "C'mon, Mama, hurry! Hold it! Don't pee-pee in your pants!" Then she'll go in the bathroom with me, and she'll watch me sitting in the potty while saying, "You can do it, Mama, you can do it." When she hears me peeing, then she'll say, "Wow! Good job, Mama! You did it! You want a treat?" I think it's funny that she thinks I'm potty training too! - Florie Williams

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