Your Funniest Potty Training Stories

Kids Say (and Sing) the Darnedest Things

My 4-year-old twin girls always tell each other how big their poop is; it's like a competition to them. One morning Maggie had a pretty big one and she was super proud to tell her sister that it looked like a tree trunk. Later that afternoon, Madison came out of the bathroom screaming in excitement and wanted everyone to come see her poop. She said, "I told you, Maggie, I'm a princess, cause my poop looks like a castle! - Wendi Matthews

My 3-year-old son came running out of the bathroom and announced that he pooped polka dots in the potty! - Sally Hardison

My 3-year-old daughter has her routine. She sings her song, "My poop comes out of my BUTT," and after she pees or poops, she does a big "WOO-HOO"! - Christina Nastos

My son was outside playing when he did a number two in his pants. I asked him why he pooped in his pants instead of coming in to the potty. He replied that he didn't do it. I asked "Well, how did it get in your pants?" and he said, "It jumped in there." - Amanda Prince-Kirk

I potty trained my son in one day. The only accident he had was doing number two. This was our conversation when I walked in the bathroom and he had just pooped on the floor.
Mom: Kayden, what happened?
Kayden: I pooped.
Mom: Well, honey, you're supposed to sit on the potty.
Kayden: No! Boys are supposed to stand up to go potty!
- Jayme Spear

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