Potty Training Basics

Potty training starts with knowing when it's time to begin the process. Here you'll find everything you need to know about potty training to help you toddler transition out of diapers and onto the toilet, including potties, books to read, rewards, and more.

How to Potty Train in 3 Days

Follow seven easy steps to potty train your child in just one weekend!

When to Start Potty Training

There are three signs of readiness to determine if your child is ready for toilet training.

Potty Training Boot Camp

Be done with diapers without making yourself or your kid crazy. We've got the potty training boot camp itinerary and the best potty training tips to get there. Plus, we'll show you how to handle the four most common potty-resistant personalities.

Potty Training 101

If you're prepared with the right info, attitude, and gear, potty training will be a lot easier on everyone.

Your Funniest Potty Training Stories

Potty training can be a challenge, but with the help of prizes, siblings, and songs, it can be easier (and funnier).

Can a 6-Month-Old Be Potty Trained?

Some moms say yes -- but experts are wary about infant potty training.

Toilet Training Children With Down Syndrome

Learn when to spot the signs that a child with Down syndrome is ready for potty training.

The ABCs of Potty Training

Learn everything there is to know about potty training with our comprehensive list of toilet training terms.

Potty Training in 243* Easy Steps

Not to worry -- you'll get there (someday).

Your Top Potty-Teaching Questions

Is your child ready to ditch his diapers? Our experts answer all your questions.

8 Potty Training Do's and Don'ts

As you get ready to potty train your child, keep these basic tips in mind to help you determine what you should and shouldn't do when introducing the toilet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Potty Training

Your child's now a toddler, and it's time to wean him off diapers -- but how do you begin? These seven steps will lead you through potty training from start to finish.

Potty Training Girls vs. Boys

Find out the differences between potty training girls and boys.

Potty Training Readiness: What You Should Know

Think potty training is all about your child? Think again. You need to be ready and on board as much as they do. We asked pediatricians and potty experts what you need to remember before potty training.

Your Complete Potty Training Guide

Fifty-five tricks, tactics, and true tales from the potty training trenches.

Potty Problems: 4 Solutions to Your Preschooler's Toilet Troubles

Your child might be done with diapers, but the toilet training isn't over. Use our advice to solve your kid's bathroom blues.

Potty Training for Day and Night

Daytime and nighttime toilet training doesn't happen at the same time, but try these tips to make it a success at any time.

Elimination Communication: How to Potty-Train Without Diapers

Kids in other parts of the world learn to use the toilet by age 2 or earlier, so why not here?

Solve Potty-Training Problems

Learn how to spot four potty-resistant personalities to avoid regression during toilet training.

Your Potty Training Handbook: Expert Tips and Real-Parent Advice

Every child is different when it comes to when, how, and how quickly they learn to use the toilet. If you're like most parents, you'll seek potty training advice from friends, the doctor, and books, but remember: You'll only learn what's worked for other kids. Your own will train in his or her special way. Period. That said, reading about other people's experiences does help you get through this, uh, "learning process" with your sanity intact. So on that note, here's some potty talk.

Getting Started on the Potty

Find out when and how to introduce the potty.

Potty Training: The Basics

Introducing the potty and overcoming inevitable struggles.

Elimination Communication: How to Potty-Train Without Diapers

Kids in other parts of the world learn to use the toilet by age 2 or earlier, so why not here?