The Fight Against Cavities: How to Care for Toddlers' Teeth

Tooth Tools

Oral-B Stages Flossers

Help kids cultivate healthy teeth-brushing habits with these fun and functional products.

Your little one can clean out nooks and crannies with these easy-to-grip flossers shaped like Disney characters. $3;

Listerine Smart Rinse

Kids can swish and spit fluoride-filled Listerine Smart Rinse (in gentle mint, berry, or bubblegum flavors) to get rid of gunk. $4.50;

Firefly Fluoride Foam toothpaste

Forget countertop spills -- kids can squirt a quarter-sized dollop of Firefly Fluoride Foam toothpaste directly into their mouth. $2.50;

Oriental Trading Company teeth stickers

Reward good brushing habits with sweet teeth stickers. $2.50 for 8 sheets;

Oral-B Pro-Health FOR ME toothbrush

Kids ages 8 and up can get a powerful clean with this adult-sized, budget-friendly -- and effective -- electric toothbrush. $29;

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Originally published in the February 2013 issue of Parents magazine.

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