Oral Exam on Kids' Health

What's your score?

Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Then add your points to find out how you rate on dental awareness. If you totaled:

  • 10-11 Congratulations. You sank your teeth into this quiz. You really know your stuff!

  • 7-9 A refresher course will make you and your family all smiles. Visit the Dental Health Guide at www.keepkidshealthy.com for a list of tips and kids' books on dental health.

  • 3-6 Chew on this: It's time to learn more about children's dental care. Start by downloading the AAPD's Parent Education Brochures at www.aapd.org/pediatricinformation/brochurelist.asp.

  • Less than 3 Your family's dental health could be in serious trouble. Speak with a pediatric dentist to learn how to get on track. Why a pediatric dentist over one who treats adults? Because she's trained to recognize and treat oral health problems specific to infants and children. To find one in your area, call the AAPD at 312-337-2169.

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