9 Clever Ways to Help the Medicine Go Down

Giving your little one medicine doesn't have to be a complicated, frustrating experience. "If your child is sick and prescribed a medication, the most important thing is to get him to take it at the correct time and in the correct dose," says Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, author of Mommy Calls. Use these proven strategies, from doctors and real parents, if the "Here comes the airplane" tactic fails to work.

Put on a Happy Face

taking medicine

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"Taking prescription medicine is like any other thing you want your child to do," Dr. Altmann says. "Act positive about it. Talk about 'medicine time' like it's an enjoyable thing. Kids can pick up on negative tone and body language." Alissa Robinson, of Colorado Springs, discovered a way to help ease the stress of medicine time. "I don't let my 10-month-old see the medicine," she says. "I lay her on the floor, cover her eyes a couple of times playing peekaboo, then cover her eyes again while I put the syringe in her mouth. She swallows before she knows what happened."

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