What to Know About Febrile Seizures

What to Do During a Seizure

The main goal is to prevent your child from becoming injured while the seizure runs its course.


  • Try to lay him on his side, ideally on a firm, flat surface, to prevent choking on saliva that collects in the mouth.
  • Loosen any zippers or buttons close to the neck.
  • Remove any obstructions, like a pacifier or food.
  • Note the time, and note it again when the seizure stops.


  • Put anything in your child's mouth. (The idea that a child can "swallow" his tongue is a myth.) Placing objects like a tongue depressor or a spoon into a child's mouth during a seizure can cause injury.
  • Attempt to restrain a seizing child; instead, allow the seizure to run its course.

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