Gotta Have It: Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag

Pay penance for using a zillion disposable diapers and go green with your diaper bag.
Fleurville Re-Run Stroller Bag


You're all for recycling and saving the earth, but you've got a stinky little secret: Your baby's disposable diapers are loading up the world's landfills, and each one takes oh, 500 years or so to biodegrade. If you can't bring yourself to go the cloth route (we can't either -- and because of all the energy spent laundering, it's not clear that it's the greenest route anyway), at least you can get yourself an eco-friendly diaper bag.

Check out Re-Run, a line of stroller bags made from recycled plastic water bottles -- about eight per bag. Cool, right? The bag's got a sleek, simple design and all the accessories you'd expect: tons of pockets, a wipes case, a changing pad, and a stroller attachment -- as well as extras like a fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses and an ear-bud pass-thru. It comes in hot-stuff red and pink, but also in more neutral daddy-friendly shades. It's also super-light, and external quilting makes it comfy against your post-preggo bod.

It's not as good as buying a hybrid, but it's a small (and stylish) step in the right direction.

The Re-Run Stroller Bag retails for $70.

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