Dining Dramas: Toddler Feeding Problems, Solved

"My toddler's afraid of trying new food."

Bizarre but true: Toddlers actually become afraid of new foods, says dietitian Ellen O'Leary. (There's even a name for it: food neophobia.) Many kids happily eat a variety of foods until they turn 2 -- then stop abruptly. Research suggests it may be an evolutionary response: In prehistoric times, once children were developmentally able to walk, run, and make decisions, eating everything they found would have threatened human survival.

Fortunately, kids tend to get over food neophobia by the time they're 4 or 5 years old. In the meantime, be persistent -- your toddler may have refused broccoli the first time around, but she might get curious if she sees you cheerfully eating your own veggies.

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