Make Mealtime Fun

Do you have trouble getting your child to try vegetables or finish his lunch? One way to entice her to eat healthier foods is to increase the fun factor. Try these simple, creative ideas for turning everyday meals into animals, games, faces, and more.

Give a Squeeze

Fill squeeze bottles with anything pourable -- BBQ sauce, fruit sauce, ketchup, or salad dressing -- then draw pictures and write notes to the kids.

Express Yourself With dipping sauce, squirt "I Love You" on the plate, next to chicken nuggets and vegetables.

Shake Up the Salad Serve dressing in a squeeze bottle, and let the kids have fun squirting it onto a healthy mix of lettuce and vegetable slices.

Be a Star Form the points of a star on a plate with asparagus tips, and fill the center with assorted veggies. Draw an outline around the star with ranch dressing.

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