Teaching Acceptable Limits

Better Behavior Basics

The following "dos" will help you get immediate results when your child's behavior is dangerous or inappropriate. The "trys" are smart ways to begin teaching the long-term lessons that will ultimately result in better behavior.

If you child... Do Try
Bites a playmate

Remove him quickly from the other child and utter a sharp "No!" Ask him to say, "Sorry"
(without insisting that he do it).
Grabs a toy from another child

Return the toy and distract your child.

When the other child is through with the toy, say to your child, "Now it's your turn."
Tries to eat something inedible

Sweep it out of her mouth and firmly say, "Yuck!"
With a smile, show the object's real use. For instance, say, "Crayons aren't for eating. We draw pictures with them."
Is talking too loudly in a restaurant or another public place
Find a distraction that will quiet him down.
Explain that he's using his "outside voice" and that you're indoors now.


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