The New Discipline Rules: Advice from Parent Coaches

My toddler has frequent temper tantrums.

Coach's Playbook

Cassani Adams: Accept that tantrums are a way for your child to release emotion and that they're a normal part of child development. Try to remain calm. If you show that they upset you, they'll only last longer and become louder.

Dr. O'Brien: Wait a minute or so to see whether your child calms down. She may just be trying to get attention. There's no need to jump in right away -- and doing so probably won't solve anything.

Wolf: In a firm but quiet voice, say, "No, we don't scream or throw ourselves on the ground." If your child doesn't calm down, walk away (unless you're in a public place). When he realizes you won't talk to him while he's behaving this way, he'll realize that tantrums don't work.

DeMars: Look at the big picture: Do your child's meltdowns always occur at a certain time of day? Try to figure out what's setting her off, and make adjustments. If she just needs a nap or a snack, it's not really a discipline issue.

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