The New Discipline Rules: Advice from Parent Coaches

My kid talks back to me.

Coach's Playbook

Cassani Adams: Firmly and consistently let your child know that you will not communicate with her this way. Suggest that she take some time to calm down, or, if necessary, give her a time-out. Once she's settled down, work together to come up with a nicer way to talk.

Dr. O'Brien: Look your child in the eye and say, "We don't talk like that." Don't get angry or make it personal, or she may become too emotional to absorb the lesson.

Wolf: Remind her that she needs to share her thoughts and opinions in a respectful way. If the back talk doesn't stop, try taking away her favorite toy for a day.

DeMars: Say, "I don't like the way you just spoke to me. It's not okay to talk to people that way." Then walk away and let your child think about what she said.

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