The New Discipline Rules: Advice from Parent Coaches

My kid gets "the gimmes" in stores.

Coach's Playbook

Cassani Adams: Talk to your child about the purpose of the shopping trip. If you're picking out a birthday present for a friend's party, explain before you enter the store that you're there to buy only one thing. And let him know how you expect him to behave.

Dr. O'Brien: Say something like, "No, we can't buy that toy. But you can put it on your birthday wish list, and maybe someone will get it for you." You might also suggest that your child start saving her allowance or earning money so she can buy it herself one day.

Wolf: If you want your child to be able to delay gratification and become aware of the value of money, practice saying "No" when he gets the gimmes. Once you stop giving in to his whining, he'll stop asking for things.

DeMars: State the rules before you go shopping: "If you keep asking to buy something, we're going to leave the store." Give your child one reminder, then leave if it continues. Avoid criticizing or scolding your child. You'll only have to do this once or twice before she stops behaving this way.

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