The Fun Mom's Guide to Discipline

Pocket the "Sillies"

Problem Behavior: Serious Silliness in All the Wrong Places

My friend Cathy has two exceptionally silly boys. They are widely known for their underarm fart noises, Captain Underpants impressions, and impromptu Three Stooges demonstration. Yet even when they were at their silliest ages, she took them to places like restaurants and museums. How did she do it?

Fun Solution: Before they walked through the door of a serious place, she'd tell her boys to put their "sillies" in their pockets. They'd have to grab the sillies by their scrawny necks and stuff them out of sight. Apparently you need to periodically check, because the sillies have a way of climbing out and ending up on the boys' shoulders or earlobes. But a quick reminder sends them scurrying back. Cathy did warn me that when the sillies start making a break for it and dashing down the halls, and you find yourself locking the sillies in the car, it's probably time to retire this game. I've tried the "sillies in your pocket" game with Charlie and Kyla, and it works really well. The best part is after we leave the museum and I tell them they can take their sillies out. Then the fun really begins!

Copyright © 2007. Reprinted with permission from the June 2007 issue of Parents magazine.

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