Discipline Tips

Disciplining children is one of the hardest parts of parenting. From time outs to punishments, to yelling, and learning to say no, here you'll find tips and ideas to make discipline effective no matter your child's age.

7 Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler

Keep your kids in line with these simple strategies.

Avoiding Power Struggles

As a parent, it's your job to set limits. But how do you do that and manage to avoid power struggles?

Secrets to Toddler Discipline

It's not too soon to start setting limits and encouraging good behavior from your kid. We'll show you how.

How to Put an End to Difficult Behavior

Getting your 3-year-old to behave can be a challenge. The trick is consistency and learning to pick your battles.

Guilt-Free Discipline

Guilt doesn't do you (or your child) any good -- especially when it comes to discipline. Find out how to let it go with these practical and simple expert tips.

10 Ways to Stop Yelling

When your child is driving you crazy, it can feel as if he's always misbehaving. Instead of losing your cool, check out 10 ways to stay calm while still making your point and setting necessary boundaries.

Lying and Stealing.. and What You Can Do to Stop It

Penelope Leach, Ph.D., explains why young children occasionally lie and steal -- and offers advice on what you can do about it.

10 Ways to Say "No" Without Saying No

Telling your toddler "no" is one of the easiest forms of discipline, but it isn't always the most effective. Here are 10 better ways to get your tot to listen.

When Your Child Doesn't Listen

Dealing with your child's defiant behavior.

The Fun Mom's Guide to Discipline

No yelling, no time-outs, just some silly games to get your kids to do the right thing.

4 Tips for Dealing with Back Talk

What to do when your child no longer sounds like an angel.

Should You Discipline Other People's Kids?

When it comes to disciplining someone else's child you don't want to offend the kid's parents, but if his behavior is dangerous or harmful you can't simply ignore it either. "It's not intruding on another parent's turf when you're protecting your own child," says Michele Borba, EdD, a Parents advisor and author of No More Misbehavin': 38 Difficult Behaviors and How to Stop Them. Still, the right response depends on the circumstances -- we'll tell you how to respond here.

Parents Who Love Too Much

Discover why catering to your child's every whim may teach all the wrong lessons.

Why Two-Minute Warnings Don't Work for Screen Time

A new study says giving a kids a warning before you turn off the TV or tablet actually makes it harder to end their screen time.

The 5-Second Discipline Fix

If you want your kid to wash his hands, pick up his trains, or give his sister's tiara back, don't ask -- tell.

Dealing With Tantrums

Why do kids have tantrums? Here's a guide to understanding your munchkin's fits and how to deal with them at home and in public.

Dealing with Defiant Behavior

When your child is defiant, it can be hard to know what the consequences should be. Here are which punishments are appropriate and whether you should always enforce them.

Smart Discipline for Every Age

You expect tantrums from a 2-year-old, but what about a child who's 5? Should you punish a 4-year-old who lies? What's the best age to start giving time-outs? As kids grow, the way you handle bad behavior needs to evolve. Here, top discipline tactics to suit your child.

Poor Infant Sleep Patterns Linked to Negative Toddler Behavior

New research has linked poor sleep in infants to behavior and attention problems in toddlerhood.

How To Stop Saying No

You're as tired of the word as your kids are of hearing it. Follow a parenting expert's strategies for getting kids to behave by saying "yes" more often. Then sit back and enjoy the positive results.

Are You Raising a Spoiled Brat?

Kids running you ragged? It's time to rethink discipline.

10 Ways to Stop Yelling

We all need to. Here, 10 creative, surefire ways to break out of this bad parenting habit.

When Does Discipline Begin?

An age-by-age guide to setting limits.

10 Discipline Don'ts

Count to ten for better behavior.

How to Brat-Proof Your Child

Teach the values kids need to be nice.

Who's the Boss -- You or Your Toddler?

If your toddler acts like he's calling the shots, these smart strategies will (gently) let him know you're in charge.