Time Outs

Sometimes the best way to cool off a child that is exhibiting bad behavior is with a time out. Here you'll learn how to effectively use time outs with toddlers and preschoolers, and see why some experts don't believe in giving time outs at all.

How to Give Time-Outs

If done correctly, time outs can be an effective method of disciplining kids. Learn the do's and don't's of time outs.

Why Time-Out Is Out

Six experts explain why one of the most popular discipline tactics is also one of the most misused.

How to Give Time-Outs That Really Work

The whys and hows of executing an effective time-out.

Toddler Discipline Tips

Disciplining a toddler can be a challenge for many parents. Here are the best discipline tips for toddlers and some techniques you should avoid.

6 Successful Time-Out Tactics

Whether it's your first attempt at using this method of discipline, or you've tried and been unsuccessful in the past, these pointers will help make time-outs effective.

The Truth About Time-Out

A child in the throes of the terrible twos unquestionably needs limits. Is time-out the best way to set them?

Rethinking Time-Outs

Why they're not always the best solution for your child.