1-Minute Discipline Magic

A fast fix so simple and effective, you'll see better behavior in 60 seconds flat.

60 Seconds to Correcting Bad Behavior

Your 2-year-old wrote on the wall with lipstick; your 5-year-old helped herself to a cookie after you said no; you caught your 7-year-old in a lie. Your first inclination is to explode, but you've made a resolution to be more patient. Besides, you know that when you lose it, you end up apologetic and defensive. What you need is a game plan. The 60-Second Discipline Plan is not a specific method of discipline, like giving time-outs.

Rather, it's an overall strategy--one that focuses not on the child's misbehavior but on your response to it. If you use the 60-Second format, the consequences you impose will be more effective. You'll be in control, your child will know what to expect, and you'll be sure that you're modeling what you actually want her to learn. Here are the six simple steps.

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