Temper Tantrums

Does your kid throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way? Don't worry. That's often how kids respond. It's quite normal. But temper tantrums can be really stressful and frustrating for parents too.If you find yourself trying to cope with angry outbursts, try these tips to prevent a meltdown.

Understanding Your 2-Year-Old's Mood Swings

Your child has a full range of emotions at his disposal by age 2. And sometimes it seems he can run through them all in the space of a minute.

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The Best Tantrum Tricks

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8 Temper Tantrum Survival Strategies

De-escalate the situation when your child is losing it.

The Top Toddler Tantrum Spots

There are some situations that seem to set off your little one more than others. Don't avoid them--instead, learn how to avoid a meltdown or defuse it before it gets out of hand.

How to Stop the Tantrums

Find out what's really going on in your little one's mind and learn techniques to sidestep (or survive!) the next meltdown.

Very Bad Behavior

Sure, parents know to expect tantrums and other bratty antics. But biting classmates and annihilating bugs? Find out what to do when your child's actions start to scare you.

1-Minute Discipline Magic

This fast fix is so simple and effective, you'll see better behavior in 60 seconds flat.

9 Ways to Prevent a Meltdown -- Your Kid's and Yours, Too

When your toddler has a temper tantrum, it may send you into one, too! However, experts agree that it is crucial to keep your cool. With these coping strategies, you can head off two tantrums at once: yours and your child's.

Stopping Temper Tantrums Before They Start

Our modern guide to stopping temper tantrums.

Dealing With Tantrums

Why do kids have tantrums? Here's a guide to understanding your munchkin's fits and how to deal with them at home and in public.

Dealing with Defiant Behavior

When your child is defiant, it can be hard to know what the consequences should be. Here are which punishments are appropriate and whether you should always enforce them.

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How to Stop a Tantrum Fast

You may not be able to avoid tantrums, entirely, but you can minimize their frequency and intensity.

Dealing with Violent Temper Tantrums

One mom asks for expert advice on how to deal with her toddler's temper tantrums and behavior problems.

How to Leave a Store Without Buying a Toy

Are you worried about a potential meltdown every time you go to the store and don't buy your son a toy? Here are some tips to handle the situation before, during and after!

40 Ways to Prevent Tantrums

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Moms Respond: How Do You Handle Your Toddler's Tantrums?

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Preventing Tantrums

One way to prevent tantrums before they occur is to give your toddler the illusion of control. Offer your child choices, rather than commands, and be sensitive to his limits.

Moms Confess: Why I Love Your Kid's Meltdown

The What's Up Moms share why they love YOUR kids' meltdowns and embarrassing public tantrums. (Hint: It's not THEIR kids' meltdowns!)