Spanking: Which Side of the Fence Are You On?

A History of Spanking

  • 1867: New Jersey becomes the first state to ban corporal punishment in public schools.
  • 1946: Pediatrician Benjamin Spock, M.D., publishes Baby and Child Care, in which he counsels parents against the punitive child-raising practices of earlier generations and encourages a more psychological approach to discipline.
  • 1971: Massachusetts becomes the second state to ban corporal punishment in schools.
  • 1979: Sweden bans spanking, becoming the first country to do so.
  • 1998: The American Academy of Pediatrics issues a statement discouraging all spanking.
  • 1999: The Oakland, California, City Council defeats a bill that would make the city a "no spank zone."
  • 2002: A Canadian court bans straps in schools, leaving the U.S. as the only industrialized Western nation without a national ban on corporal punishment in schools.
  • 2004: Brookline, Massachusetts, votes down a no-spanking referendum.

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