How Kidding Around Can Discipline Your Kids

Next time you feel like you're going to lose your cool with your tot, try doing something goofy. You may find that your change in behavior might just alter your toddler's behavior (for the better), too!

Saying Bye-Bye to Power Struggles

When it comes to power struggles, wouldn't you rather not go there? Sure, setting limits, making nonnegotiable rules, and enforcing them consistently are tried-and-true strategies that often work with toddlers. But when you're staring down a defiant 2-year-old who refuses to get dressed, have a bath, or go to bed, sometimes you just don't have the energy. Instead of caving in or screaming, try changing the mood by turning frustration into fun. Here are three ways to use humor to disarm if you're in a difficult situation. They'll let everyone win-and may make you smile.

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