Toddlers Behaving Badly

What Your Toddler's Thinking

If it seems like your child is constantly up to no good, keep in mind that the world looks very different from where he sits.

What you see: Your child melts down in the supermarket.
What your toddler thinks: I'm tired (or hungry or bored), and this shopping trip is never-ending.

What you see: A tiny hand pulling on the cat's tail.
What your toddler thinks: I'm curious about this creature. I wonder what will happen if I pull on this thing?

What you see: Bite marks on your older child's arms.
What your toddler thinks: I want that toy!

What you see: Little feet dashing away from you when you try to pick him up.
What your toddler thinks: This game of chase is fun. I wonder if Mommy can catch me.

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