Improper Behavior

Some things are just not okay. If you're working on improving bad behaviors such as biting, hitting, cursing, and more, try these ideas and strategies.

Help for Hitting

Does your 1-year-old start swinging his fists at the first sign of frustration? Here's how to handle a little slugger.

Why Are Toddlers So Moody?

Laughing one minute, crying the next. How to deal with ever-changing toddler emotions.

How To Handle A Potty Mouth

Close the lid on your kid's embarrassing bathroom blab once and for all.

Attack of the Toddler

Does your 1-year-old hit and bite? Stop his aggressive behavior -- once and for all.

Stop Your Preschooler From Hitting and Biting

Help your kid communicate with words, not fists or (ouch!) teeth.

Why Your Toddler Hits and Bites

It's natural to worry, but relax: It's just a passing stage that you can help control.

Potty Mouth: Stop Kids from Cursing and Swearing

Your kid's learning many new words, but you may not want him to repeat some of them. Curb not-so-nice language with these tips.

Teaching Your Child Not to Bite

Many 1-year-olds use their teeth instead of their tongues. Here's how to take the bite out of toddlerhood.

Dealing With Tantrums

Why do kids have tantrums? Here's a guide to understanding your munchkin's fits and how to deal with them at home and in public.

Dealing with Defiant Behavior

When your child is defiant, it can be hard to know what the consequences should be. Here are which punishments are appropriate and whether you should always enforce them.

Why Toddlers Make Messes

Whether they're unrolling toilet paper or splattering food on the walls, little kids explore their world one disaster at a time. Learn how to control the chaos.

Yikes! 3-Year-Old Turns Little Sister Into 'Zebra' Using Permanent Marker

Well, this isn't going to be easy to wash off...

Breaking Your Toddler's Bad Habits

Is your little angel turning into a big bully? Follow these strategies to put an end to your toddler's hitting or biting habit.

Very Bad Behavior

Sure, parents know to expect tantrums and other bratty antics. But biting classmates and annihilating bugs? Find out what to do when your child's actions start to scare you.

Smart Discipline Strategies

A top developmental pediatrician counsels parents on how to respond to their kids' behavioral difficulties.

Taming Toddler Aggression

Toddlers are notoriously ornery. Here's how to handle with the hitting, shoving -- even biting.

Toddlers Behaving Badly

Think your child is too young to be disciplined? He's not. Here's how.

How to Handle Moody Toddlers

Expert advice on how you can better understand your toddler's random mood changes.

Back-Talk Boot Camp: Stop the Sass

Listening to my three kids' fresh talk was getting stale in a hurry. I was ready to try anything--and did. Find out which methods worked best.

Toddler's Declaration of Independence

Your toddler's determination to do things herself is sure to spark some fireworks.

Handling Aggressive Behavior

Learn how to punish your child for aggressive behavior, such as biting or hitting, and whether his punishment should be adjusted as he gets older.

What to Do About Biting

Ouch! Are they just "love" bites, or something more serious?

Dealing With Whining

Dealing with a whining child doesnt have to be stressful. Find out why your child is whining and the best ways to respond.