The Journey from Scribbles to the Written Word

Scribbling and Drawing Projects

Try these project ideas to encourage drawing in your toddler or preschooler.

  • Buy order pads and play restaurant. Let your child be the server.
  • Encourage your child to create a menu when guests come for dinner.
  • Buy matching journals for you and your child, and set aside time to write or draw in them together.
  • Keep a bag of markers and colored paper to use when you're waiting in line at a restaurant or the doctor's office.
  • Let your child finger paint in the bathtub with shaving cream.
  • Make lists with your child -- of errands, items to buy, etc. Let her scribble ideas on your list and encourage her to write her own lists too.
  • Turn the playroom into a mailroom. You and your child can "address" envelopes, stuff them with drawings, and make deliveries to family members.
  • Help your child mail something he's written to a relative -- and make sure he gets a return letter!
  • Help your child draw a family portrait.
  • Create handmade greeting cards together and copy them at your local copy shop.

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