Saying Goodbye: Talking to Kids About Death

Reassuring Reads

These books can help you get the conversation started.

When Dinosaurs Die
By Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
This primer explains death and its emotional aftermath in simple language aimed at 5- to 8-year-olds.

What's Heaven?
By Maria Shriver
After her great-grandma's death, a young girl learns about the afterlife by asking a series of childlike (yet thought-provoking) questions.

The Forever Dog
By Bill Cochran
Mike plans to be with his dog, Corky, forever. But when Corky dies, he learns to cope with the loss -- and to keep Corky's memory alive.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf
By Leo Buscaglia
As the seasons pass, Freddie changes color from green to red to brown before he falls off in the winter, teaching kids that death is part of the cycle of life.

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