Little Ways to Raise Bighearted Kids


Why it's important It often seems like a kid's favorite word is "Mine!" Learning to share will help your child think about others. Bonus: He'll make -- and keep -- friends more easily. "It's really about the Golden Rule," says Dr. Dobrin. "Kids need to treat people as they'd like to be treated."

Bring it to life When you're out with your child, point out people who seem unhappy (such as a baby crying at the park, an angry customer at a store, or a homeless person). Ask, "Why do you think she's sad? How can we make her feel better?" Explain that being generous -- whether it's offering a sticker to a cranky child, smiling kindly at a stranger, or giving money to help a poor person get some food -- shows other people we understand them and helps make them happy.

Read and learn The 100th Customer, by Byung-Gyu Kim and K.T. Hao. Ben Bear and Chris Croc open a restaurant together, and then discover the joy of giving when they donate a pizza and dessert to a needy boy and his grandma.

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