Little Ways to Raise Bighearted Kids


Why it's important "By the time he starts school, a child needs to begin thinking about other people besides himself," says Arthur Dobrin, DSW, professor of humanities at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, New York, and author of Teaching Right from Wrong: 40 Things You Can Do to Raise a Moral Child.

Bring it to life At the dinner table, write down various ways to show compassion on separate slips of paper (such as "give someone a hug" and "offer to help out"), and place them in a bowl. Ask your child to pick one, read it aloud, and then help him follow the instructions. Let everyone in your family take a turn.

Read and learn One Winter's Day, by M. Christina Butler. Little Hedgehog helps creatures in need during a winter storm -- and is repaid for his kindness when they help rebuild his ruined nest.

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