Let's Do Laundry

Make Laundry Fun

Use this print-and-save list of ideas for you and your helper.

  • Have her round up all those doll clothes so she can wash them. Put them in a pillowcase to protect them in the washer.
  • Show her how to hand-wash delicate items in a big sinkful of soapy water.
  • Decorate your child's hamper together and she'll be excited to toss in her dirty clothes.
  • Wash dirty stuffed animals in the bath. (Toss 'em into the dryer to dry -- but don't use heat if there are any plastic parts.)
  • If it's warm enough, go old-school and hang clothes up to dry outside in the sunshine.
  • Play the laundry game: Have her toss clothes into the hamper from a few feet away.
  • Use fabric scraps and ribbon to make yummy-smelling potpourri sachets for your kid's closet.

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the April 2008 issue of Parents magazine.

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