The 9 Elements of Personality

Elements of Personality, p.2

  • Adaptability. How well does your child adjust to changes in his environment or transitions from one activity to another? A highly adaptable child falls asleep easily at Grandma's; a low-end child may sleep well only in his own bed.
  • Quality of mood. Is your child generally a sad sack or a happy camper? A child at the high end will be delighted to see you after a day of work; a low-end youngster may cry anyway.
  • Persistence. How is your child's attention span? A child with a high level of persistence sticks with a game long after you're ready to quit; a low-level child is more likely to throw a tantrum as a response to frustration.

You may have spent much of your child's first year adjusting to someone who differed from your expectations. Or you may have spent it delighting in the unexpected discoveries this new person brought you every day, or enjoying the infant who seemed to meet and exceed all your expectations. But that baby is now a 1-year-old, and his personality is clearer than ever.

Temperament is stable. Don't try to change her; respect her singular personality. By showing her that she is just the child you wanted, you will help her grow up to be proud of the unique individual she is.

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