What Should Your Child Do If She Gets Lost?

Teach Your Child to Ask Another Mom for Help

If your child becomes separated from you, stays put, and calls your name but you don't return, then the next step is to ask for help. This is another reason we can't tell our children never to talk to strangers. Children this age should ask another mother with children for help, Wilson suggests. (Older children can learn to ask police officers or store clerks, but preschoolers can't yet distinguish uniforms from other types of dark clothing.)

"Statistically, a mother with children is the safest bet for your kid," Wilson says. "Women will generally commit more time to helping your child because men are afraid that if they help they'll be targeted as a predator." The first rule still applies, though. Teach your children to stay where they are, yell your name, and ask women nearby for help.

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