Physical Development

Your toddler's physical development is amazing to watch. Here you'll learn what to expect ? from running to jumping to grasping a pencil. Plus, we'll also tell you how your toddler ranks on height and weight charts compared to his peers.

11 Simple Activities for 2-to-3-Year-Olds

Watch as two toddlers play learning activities that will develop a wide range of motor, cognitive, and social skills.

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

These great indoor games will get your preschooler moving.

Developing Motor Skills

Your child's mastery of fine-motor skills will allow him greater independence. Here are some of the skills your youngster will perfect in the preschool years.

Help Your Toddler Develop New Skills

Your child is ready to eat, play, and even start getting dressed on his own -- if you let him try. Rather than babying him, letting him tackle the following activities will build his confidence. We'll show you when and how to get started.

Kid on the Loose: Stop Toddlers from Running Away

Once your child starts walking, keeping him by your side in public is no easy task. Rein in your little sprinter with this on-the-go advice.

The Tall and Short of It

Everyone talks about how tall -- or short -- a child is, but does size really matter?

Let's Get Physical: 7 Toddler Development Milestones

Walking isn't the only exciting motor skill your kid will master this year. Help him run, jump, and climb with these tips.

Is My Child Short?

Is your child's small stature something to worry about?

Teaching Preschoolers to Use Scissors

Little hands can develop fine motor skills by learning the proper way to cut paper.

Help for Clumsy Kids

Fine-tune your child's motor skills at any age with these simple, fun activities.

Milestones: Red Flags to Watch For at 12 to 18 Months

Your baby is growing into a toddler! Here's what you can expect to see and when you should talk to a doctor.

Toy Therapy: 5 Toys for Kids with Special Needs

These toys will help build skills without being overly challenging.

See How Your Baby Grows: Age-by-Age Growth Chart for Children

Curious about your baby's development? Follow our age-by-age growth chart to see the average height and weight your child should have as he grows from baby to big kid. Learn about your baby's healthy growth standards and benchmarks.

Chris Hemsworth Had the Best Response When His Daughter Demanded a Penis

Celebrity dad Chris Hemsworth's 4-year-old daughter is a little jealous of some equipment her two brothers have.

Walking Worries

Take your child's first steps in stride with reassuring advice from the experts.

Doodle Dandy

Toddlers may not be ready for pens and pencils yet, but hand your child a crayon -- there's a lot to learn from scribbling.

When Your Child Is Skinny

At a time when one in three kids weighs too much, an inability to pack on pounds might seem like a minor issue. But some slender children have health concerns of their own.

Waiting to Walk

Why do some toddlers take their time before taking their first steps?

You Grow, Baby! Charting Your Child's Growth and Development

Your doctor dutifully plots your child's height and weight, but what do all those percentiles mean, anyway? We've got the answers to this and more.

The Art of Balance

Teaching your child good balance at an early age will set her up for better body awareness, coordination, and -- yes -- concentration.

Dr. Alan Greene on Growing Pains

Is there such a thing as growing pains?

See How They Grow

How can you tell whether your child is growing properly? And is there anything you can do to help his growth along? Here's the lowdown on making sure your child measures up.

Activities for Developing Motor Skills

By 2, children are ready to put their new mastery of motor skills to good use. We outline some activities your little one will love.