Please Don't Do That! How to Handle Inappropriate Toddler Behavior

Little Exhibitionists

Of all the embarrassing quirks toddlers have, few are as bizarre as their love of randomly stripping down. Disrobing at home is one thing, but what do you do when your child decides that grocery shopping is a clothing-optional event?

Distraction is key, says Dr. Jay Hoecker. "Toddlers sometimes strip in public when they're frustrated or bored," he explains. If your child starts lifting up his shirt in the middle of the produce aisle, for example, he may be trying to tell you that he's sick of shopping. Give him a task, such as holding your coupons or picking out apples, to occupy him. If he does doff his clothes, try to be matter-of-fact about it. Focus on the behavior you do want instead of lecturing ("I liked it when you were keeping your hands in your pockets before").

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