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"As far as kid toy obsessions, I would have to say Cabbage Patch Kids. I had four. And my dollhouse -- I was pretty obsessed with it. I would decorate the rooms with scraps of fabric my mom gave me, velvet for the carpets, new baby-flowered bedspreads for the family, checked tablecloths for the kitchen. I was obsessed with anything tiny that could work in the house."
Sarah Jane Morris (Brothers & Sisters)

"I was obsessed with Matchbox cars. You remember Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars? I was obsessed! I collected 250 of those little cars, from mini ambulances to little VW Bugs and Cadillacs and convertibles to little mini Cadillac-type limousines. I loved to go down in the basement and play Matchbox cars and pretend there was a massive pileup on the 405."
Ryan Seacrest

"I grew up on a ranch in a remote part of Alaska. I was raised by a single father and two brothers with no modern conveniences. We had an outhouse, no running water, and a coal stove for heat. I shared a room with both my brothers so, needless to say, 'girlie toys' were few and far between in our household! That brings me to my prized possession: jelly bracelets. I think I got two of them from a lady I babysat for sometimes, and I loved them! They were purple, had silver sparkles, and were made of this sort of insane squishy material, and they epitomized all things that were girlie in the '80s...a far cry from all the dust and horsehair of the ranch. I kept them on my dresser and saved money to buy purple jelly shoes to match. Gosh, the '80s were kind of rough on fashion, I guess!"

"The only thing I was obsessed with was worms. I loved them. I loved digging them up in the garden. I used to run outside after it rained, pick them up off the sidewalk, and throw them back on the lawn so they wouldn't dry up and die when the sun came out. I also loved playing horses. We'd fill up the laundry sink in the basement with water and drink out of it as if we were horses. We'd run up and down the alley behind our house, whinny-ing and snorting. Kids used to play outside in those days."
Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle)

"When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Atari handheld video games. Little blips on a handheld plastic display. I was the king of Baseball, Football, and Racing. That and a game called Pencils, where you try to snap your buddy's pencil in half with your own. I was easily entertained. My kids love Bionicles! They have a huge collection, both old and new. That and a series of books called Hank Zipper. Good stuff!"
Greg Grunberg (Heroes)

Copyright © 2007. Used with permission from the November 2007 issue of American Baby magazine.

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