How to Make Memories Last for Your Preschooler

The Brain Needs Repetition

Telling a story over and over again boosts the odds your child will remember it. "When a child is repeatedly prompted to recall the same things, it's more likely the information will be stored in his long-term memory in a way that's easier to retrieve," says Dr. Rovee-Collier. In a similar way, family rituals, such as an annual trip to the beach or having pizza for dinner every Friday night, are memories that are more likely to stick. And when repeat experiences are out of the ordinary, there's an even greater chance your child will remember them. "Because there are so many constants in a preschooler's life, something that's surprising will make a child take note of its details," she explains.

Make an impression: Come up with traditions that take place on a regular basis, like having dessert after breakfast on the last day of school. Or turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. For instance, have a "pool party" in the bathtub (complete with swimsuits and sunglasses) on your child's birthday.

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