My Kid Is Obsessed! Understanding Your Preschooler's Hobbies and Obsessions

Expanding Horizons

Tired of playing the same games and talking about the same thing over and over? Mix things up. If your child is into:


Try these new activities:

  • Visit an antique train museum or take a real train ride.
  • Play a board game (such as Candy Land) using toy trains instead of the usual game pieces.


Try these new activities:

  • Set up her stuffed animals as a pretend petting zoo.
  • Visit a zoo or an aquarium to teach her about new animals and their habitats.


Try these new activities:

  • Pretend that you're visiting Ariel's undersea world, Atlantica. Learn more about the creatures that might live there.
  • Imagine Ariel is coming to spend the day. Have your child plan an exciting itinerary.


Try these new activities:

  • Invite some of his friends over in costume and let them create
    their own adventure.
  • Encourage your child to get into "superhero shape" by doing stretches, somersaults, and karate kicks.

Originally published in the March 2011 issue of Parents magazine.

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