Your Baby from 13 to 15 Months: Walking & Making Buddies

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Introducing sign language to babies between 13 and 15 months may greatly help children with communication skills, say some experts. Because babies learn to coordinate their large muscles before refining small-muscle control, learning how to move their head or make a hand sign for a word is easier for them at this age than combining the intricate motions of tongue, lips, and jaw to say new words. "We see children demonstrating less frustration, and having fewer tantrums, if parents can teach them a few simple signs for words," notes Davies.

Although there are standardized Baby Signs programs, most parents can easily make up their own signs. Just choose simple gestures to perform, and be sure that everyone uses the same sign every time, and that the adults are consistent in pairing the sign with the word. For instance, you can teach your child to touch his hand to his mouth when he wants to say "eat," and you can say, "Eat? Okay!"

Month 13

  • Cruises furniture or takes first steps alone
  • Can take objects in and out of containers
  • Throws objects

Month 14

  • Helps to dress and undress self
  • Attempts to use utensils
  • Plays alone for short periods of time

Month 15

  • Walks independently
  • Follows simple commands
  • Able to pound pegs into a workbench

Holly Robinson lives with her five children outside of Boston.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, February 2006.

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