Making First Friends

Give Kids Some Space

During a playdate, your job is to set out any necessary supplies, serve the snack that your child picked, and hover nearby to make sure the kids stay safe. "Unless they specifically ask you for something, let them play on their own," says Dr. Hertzog.

If a battle breaks out, give them time to resolve their conflict. Offer to act as a mediator if they reach a stalemate. For example, if your child wants to play Candy Land, and her friend is more interested in coloring, you can say, "I see you want to do different things. Does anyone have any ideas on what you can do about that?" Don't rush to your child's rescue if her friend is being bossy. And if your child is the one who's overbearing, don't call her on it when her friend is around. "It'll only embarrass her," explains Dr. Weinraub. "Instead talk about it with her afterward."

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