Why Twos Aren't So Terrible

They Live to Learn

"Ever since Erin was a baby, Goodnight Moon has been her favorite story," says Jackie Cummings. "One day, she amazed me by pointing out that the Runaway Bunny, a character from another Margaret Wise Brown book, makes a cameo appearance in Goodnight Moon. She's incredibly observant, and she learns so quickly!"

Two-year-olds have a thirst for knowledge -- and the ability to retain it. "Show them something and they soak it up like a sponge," says Clare Winer, a child-development specialist at Hope Children's Hospital, in Oak Lawn, Illinois. "They're intensely motivated to learn how the world works -- especially when their parent is the teacher." And since teachable moments are everywhere at this age, you don't need to worry about pursuing formal learning experiences.

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