Why Twos Aren't So Terrible

Two-year-olds get a bad rap. Here's why the "terrible twos" aren't terrible at all.


For generations, 2-year-olds have suffered from bad PR. We've all heard the litany: They're difficult; they throw tantrums; they say no all the time. These complaints, while all undeniably true, have saddled them with a notorious moniker: "the terrible twos." But if you examine the flip side of the coin, you'll discover how terrific the twos can be too.

"This is the stage where a child goes from being a baby to being a real little person -- a person with thoughts, opinions, and a will of her own," says Peggy Shecket, a child- and family-development specialist in Columbus, Ohio. "Ironically, these are the very attributes that make the twos turbulent. But ultimately, all toddlers really want to do is figure out how the world works -- and how they can participate. And that's something every parent should celebrate." Below, five of the main reasons twos are terrific.

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