Your Kid, Only Less Whiny

When You Hear: "But Emily gets to!"

Don't say: "I don't care what Emily's parents let her do."

The whine-stopper: Reinforce your rules. "Say, 'Different families have different rules. And in our family, we don't watch TV on weekdays,'" says Schutta. So why can't you just dis Emily? "You always want your child to know that you care about his life, friends, and experiences," says Dr. Walfish. But you can help keep the peace by having a specific set of limits. "Post your family's rules on the refrigerator, and talk about them often," says Schutta. If you're always willing to discuss the rules and the reasons behind them in a calm way, you'll be less likely to hear about Emily's huge Bratz collection and super-late bedtime.

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