Your Kid, Only Less Whiny

When You Hear: "Daddy would let me!"

Don't say: "Well, Daddy's not here."

The whine-stopper: "Say, 'If you think Daddy would say yes, then Daddy and I need to talk because we want to agree on these things,'" says Dr. Walfish. You can even thank your child in a funny way for tipping you off to this fact.

But even if you can't get on the same page with your spouse -- and sometimes you can't -- kids still need to know that they have to obey whoever is in charge.

Do this by calmly and firmly repeating your request -- "It's time to brush your teeth. You have to brush your teeth" -- until your child sees that you're serious and follows through, says Cynthia Whitham, author of Win the Whining War and Other Skirmishes. "She needs to learn that she has to follow the instructions of the adult in charge, whether it's her teacher, her babysitter, or you," adds Schutta.

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