Mom vs. Dad at Bedtime

How to handle a child's resistance to dad putting him down for the night.

Q: My son, who is 3, refuses to allow his father to put him to bed at night. He cries and screams for me. My husband has become really uncomfortable and wants me to put him to bed every night, but I want to rotate so that I can sometimes have an hour to myself. Help!

A: The father indeed should not by any means give up the efforts, nor should the parents give in to the child's temper. And the father should continue to try to put the child to bed and the mother should not try to rescue the situation by taking over. The father might examine how he's putting the child to bed and how he can make it a more pleasant event - - reading a story, playing a non-physically active game, and making his presence something the child can look forward to. So the father may need to make more of an effort in that direction.

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