Lovey Love: Helpful Solutions to Problems with Loveys

Your kid freaks when she can't bring Lambie along.

It might be frustrating if your child melts down every time she has to leave her lovey at home, but keep in mind that the little lamb helps her stay strong when she gets overwhelmed by unfamiliar surroundings. Still, that doesn't mean you should allow her to take the toy absolutely everywhere; Lambie should be a welcome guest only as long as you can easily keep track of her. For example, you might say she can ride in the backseat, but she has to stay in the car while you hit the park. (Whenever possible, give your child some time to prepare herself for the separation -- don't spring the news on her just as you're getting to the playground, Dr. Brenner advises.) And don't forget to remind your child that her friend will be right there waiting for her when she comes back. Dr. Brenner assures: "If you're matter-of-fact about where the lovey is, your kid shouldn't be anxious."

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