Do You Have a Diva Baby?

She loves to say "No!"

You ask for the blue crayon, and your child says "No!" You tell her it's time to go to bed, and she throws herself on the floor and cries "No!" "No!" "No!"

How to help: Is it really a big surprise that no is one of your toddler's favorite words? Think about how often kids hear "No, don't do that!" They pick up a lot from simply watching and listening to you, says Dr. Briggs. You can't cut this behavior out entirely, but you can rein in your "negative Nelly" by changing the way you respond. Simply rephrasing a "No, we can't go to the playground" to a "Yes, we'll do it tomorrow" can go a long way.

You should also pick your battles. If your kid is digging in her heels over something minor, consider giving in. But remain firm on the big stuff: If you let her stay up because she cries "No!" to bedtime, you can expect a fight every night.

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