Are You Choosing the Right Chores?

Want your kid to pitch in around the house? Our creative chore charts help get the job done.

Why All Kids Should Pitch In

Experts say assigning chores to your children is great for them -- it fosters responsibility, boosts self-esteem, and helps them feel like an important part of the fam. But here's a modern-mom reality: Farming out to-dos usually means redoing chores the right way after your child has skipped off to school or to bed. And if you're stuck making the bed again anyway, what's the help in that?

The key is to give kids the right chores for their ages. "There's always a learning curve for kids, whether they're toddlers or teenagers," says Patricia Greenfield, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. "But the best way to encourage kids to pitch in -- without making more work for yourself -- is to make sure the jobs are age-appropriate." Check out these great ideas, plus expert suggestions for ways to reward them for pitching in.

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