Activities to Enhance Fine Motor Skills : 18-24 Months

These fun playtime activities suggested by Jamie Loehr M.D, and Jen Meyers, authors of "Raising Your Child," will help your toddler develop fine motor skills.

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Do simple puzzles with your child. The best for this age range are simple shapes attached to handles that fit into indents on a board.

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Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Improve hand-eye coordination by building with blocks, stringing large beads, using blunt scissors, and drawing.

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Use Toys

Help your child develop strength, control and dexterity by squeezing water out of a washcloth, squeezing a ball or a soft bath toy and drawing with large crayons.

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Build Blocks

Using large blocks, build with your child, but also give her the time to build on her own.

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Blow Bubbles

Show your child how to blow bubbles.

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Craft with Her

Supply your child with paper, markers, stickers and large crayons. Keep them on a shelf that is within her reach, if possible, so she can get what she needs without asking for help. She'll also enjoy using her hands with play dough, clay, and paints (finger paints or washable watercolors and acrylics with paint brushes).

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Raising Your Child

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More Activities for 18-24 Month Toddlers

Get more ideas from Raising Your Child: The Complete Illustrated Guide to help with your toddler's development.

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