Babysitter Blues: How to Fix Bad Sitter Behavior

What the Sitters Say

  • Let your sitter know it's okay to take something to eat. At first, I was afraid the family didn't want me to touch their food, and then I'd be hungry all night! -- Julie R.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Don't make exceptions to the regular rules for your kids. You don't want them to think "anything goes" when the babysitter comes. -- Christine C.; New York, New York
  • Make sure you're fully stocked with diapers, wipes, and cream before you leave the house. -- Adyson S.; Danville, California
  • If your child has behavioral issues, discuss them before you leave -- and explain the best way to handle them. -- Lindsey F.; Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Call if you're staying out later than you planned. One couple came home two and a half hours late and didn't answer my calls. I was worried that something had happened to them, and I was exhausted the next day. -- Christina D.C.; San Francisco, California
  • I like when parents give me lots of information -- what time their child eats, what foods he likes. The more I know about his routine, the easier it is to make sure he doesn't get stressed out about being with a sitter. -- Rachel S.; Portland, Oregon
  • Be honest. If your child has been sick, tell your sitter so she can decide whether she still wants to watch him. And if she agrees, let her know what medicine he needs, when he needs it, and how to give it to him. -- Tina S.; Aurora, Colorado

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the June 2008 issue of Parents magazine.

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