Babysitter Blues: How to Fix Bad Sitter Behavior

The babysitter's been snooping on your computer.

Annoyance rating: Let her go

Some sitters take the expression "Make yourself at home" literally. Let yours know what areas are off-limits, and be specific about the rules regarding your PC. You might say it's okay to play a video game with your kids but not to check her e-mail. If you're worried about your sitter's surfing habits, install a parental-control filter. And if you catch her violating the rules (check your browser's recent history) or snooping around your files, show her the door. "If someone doesn't respect your boundaries, she might not know what an appropriate boundary is with your child," says Jennifer Hartstein, a supervising psychologist at the Child and Family Institute at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, in New York City.

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