Maximizing Space for Your Kids

Top experts answer your questions on the best beds for boys sharing a room and how to keep the living room from being overrun with toys.


roll-out storage trundle in Ultimate Nursery

Q. To make room for a new baby, our two boys will be sharing a room. To maximize space, I need bunk beds for them. However, our ceilings are only 7 feet high, and the dimensions of the room are small. Where can I find small bunk beds?

A. If you're set on bunk beds, IKEA is a great place to start. Their FJELLDAL bunk bed measures about 61 inches tall, which would give your top bunk a 23-inch clearance to the ceiling. Small bunks are a good quick-fix solution, but if you're thinking long-term, consider that those growing boys of yours (especially the resident of the top bunk) will soon be bumping their heads.

That's why Sherri Blum, interior designer and owner of Baltimore-based Jack and Jill Interiors, recommends you instead consider a trundle bed -- essentially a bed hidden underneath a bed. "Trundle beds don't overwhelm small spaces, and they provide comfortable sleeping for two children," she says. How it works: For sleeping, you simply roll out the trundle from under the higher bed at night. The next morning, you can roll it back under the main bed, and you have instant play space. Blum likes the ones from Company Kids.

Twin Toddlers
Twin Toddlers

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