11 Fun Activities for 2-Year-Olds

These indoor toddler activities will enhance the development of your 2-year-old.

Recognizing Colors, Objects, and People

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Shades of Color

Craft with Her

Kathryn Gamble

Materials You Will Need: Colored construction paper

What to Do: Your child may be beginning to recognize colors. Hand your child a red piece of construction paper, naming the color. Point out items in your house that are different shades of red, describing them as lighter red or darker red. Repeat the activity using other bright colors (red, yellow, green, blue).
Variations: Get paint cards at the paint store to show shades of various colors. Use the words "pale yellow," "bright blue," etc.

Skills Learned: Classifying, concept development, visual discrimination

Starter Chopsticks

Materials You Will Need: 2 bowls, tongs, pompoms, starter chopsticks

What to Do: Practicing movement "left to right" prepares your child to read. Show your child how to pick up the pompoms in the bowl on the left with tongs and transfer the pompoms to the empty bowl on the right.

Variations: Try using starter chopsticks for this activity.

Skills Learned: Eye-hand coordination

Set the Table

Materials You Will Need: Fork, knife, spoon, vinyl place mat, napkin, basket.

What to Do: Children love to help their parents around the house at this age. Fill a basket with the items needed for a place setting. Draw an outline of a plate, fork, knife, and spoon on the place mat with a marker. Have your child take the basket to the table, then put the place mat on the table. Show your child how to match the objects to the outlines on the place mat. The napkin can be placed under the fork. Your child will be proud to have been so helpful. Complimenting your child builds self-esteem.

Skills Learned: Self concept, matching, social development

Dig for Hidden Treasure

Materials You Will Need: Plastic Container, 8 to10 small items, sand

What to Do: Place sand or cornmeal in a large, rectangular plastic container. Place several items of the same theme (small plastic animals, keys, or coins) in the sand. See how many items your child can find by moving his hands through the sand. You may also use a sifter to do this activity. Count the objects as your child finds them.

Skills Learned: Sensory development, tactile stimulation

Self Portrait

Materials You Will Need: Large sheet of paper, markers

What to Do: Children love to see themselves! Have your child lie down on a large piece of craft paper. Draw the outline of her body on the paper. Ask your child to draw the eyes, hair, nose, mouth, and ears. Hang the self-portrait in your child's playroom.

Variations: Have your child draw clothing on the portrait, including shoes, etc.

Skills Learned: Creative expression, body awareness

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